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Face mask mandates have increased the need for anti-fog solutions in the workplace and beyond. In addition, for employees working in changing temperature conditions, wearing wrap-style safety glasses or helmets, there is an even greater likelihood of impaired vision due to fogging lenses.


We offer a variety of anti-fog options from lens wipes and drops for everyday use, to a permanent coating applied to lenses in the manufacturing process.


Anti-Fog Lens Wipes

Convenient, single towelette application that's a combination lens cleaner and anti-fog treatment all in one. Works with all lens types, including non-glare coated lenses.

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Ultra Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner

Safe and effective to use on all lens materials, including non-glare coatings, just 3 drops cleans and applies a temporary anti-fog property. Works immediately after application, most users note the effect lasts for 24 hours up to 3 days.



A permanent coating that absorbs moisture to prevent glasses from fogging up – no activators needed! Clear, scratch-resistant and fog free vision helps employees keep masks and safety glasses on while on shift. This ensures your company is compliant with any mandates and safety regulations you’re facing today.

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